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Fair Oaks makes donation to local children’s museum
store pix
Fair Oaks second graders enjoyed the fun and creativity of the Modesto Children’s Museum during a class field trip recently, spending some time at the ‘store’ here making some purchases. The museum has a number of interactive areas for kids. Photo Contributed

Fair Oaks Elementary school has put themselves on the map, by way of generosity and supporting the arts. The Oakdale Joint Unified elementary school recently made a donation to the Modesto Children’s Museum – also known as MoChiMu.

It was a donation which not only earned them recognition but allowed the entire second grade to attend a field trip to the downtown Modesto museum.

According to Fair Oaks Principal, Ben Cortes, the school was first approached by longtime volunteer and community member Phyllis Bordona. Presenting the school with a request to participate in the fundraising efforts to help support the museum, Bordona also offered the students an opportunity to visit the museum.

“She did the initial fundraiser for that,” Cortes shared, noting that the initial turnaround time for the school to do a money drive was a bit too short. “The school did a fundraiser to offset and give that money back to her, because she did the whole lump sum.”

Cortes further shared once the funds were collected and offered to Bordona, the idea of a class field trip for the students came up.

“So, all of second grade ended up going because of the money we raised,” the principal said.

The second-grade class was chosen for the trip due to expressing an interest early on.

“I do think that, probably, the primary ages are the best to go,” Cortes stated of the second graders.

As for joining the fundraising efforts when presented with the offer, the principal indicated the school was all in from the start.

“She always wants to give,” Cortes said of Bordona. “Always wanting to come in our classroom and give back or whatever she can. I’m trying to find a way to allow that and support that. She’s good for the kids, she’s good for the community.”

With over 100 students making the trek for a school day filled with the arts, it was an experience they will likely not forget for a very long time.

“The students going to that museum, I think those experiences are huge,” Cortes explained. “There’s a lot of learning that takes place by experience. By getting out, riding the bus, standing in line, all of it.”

He also said the fundraising and Bordona’s encouragement and involvement sets a good example for students.

“Continuing on the Bordona legacy of continuing to give and give to the schools and give to our students who end up being community members long-term,” Cortes said of the positive impact.

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stage pix
On a recent visit to the Modesto Children’s Museum, Fair Oaks second graders were a captive audience as they gathered in front of the stage. The Oakdale elementary school recently made a generous contribution to the museum. Photo Contributed