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Student Achieves 7 Years Of Perfect Attendance
Illness Immune
perfect attendance
Seth Arkerman


Twelve-year-old Seth Ackerman doesn’t hold the secret to wellness or exceptional health. The former Fair Oaks sixth grader does, however, hold a plaque and the honor of being acknowledged for zero days of absence or tardies during his seven years of attendance at the elementary school.

It’s an honor the youth shared he didn’t realize was such a big deal until he and his mother learned of the special year end presentation.

“I think it’s cool,” the future seventh grader said. “I didn’t miss a day of school and no one at the other schools (elementary) did it.”

“Very rarely does he get sick,” mom Brandi Ackerman said. “Maybe a couple of flu bugs over a weekend and that’s it.”

The Fair Oaks Falcon has not maintained good health by abstaining from activity. During his time at Fair Oaks he was active in extra-curricular events including: T-ball, archery, baseball, wrestling as well as free time spent riding his bike and skateboarding.

“I even didn’t get ring worm,” he noted of the virus which ailed his wrestling team.

“He’s the healthy one,” Brandi stated, noting that both of his younger siblings have each missed school since starting at Fair Oaks.

“If they have a fever they’ve got to stay home,” she continued. “If they throw up they’ve got to stay home. Obviously we aren’t sending them off to school to get awards.”

In the case of this student, however, that just happened to be the result of his stellar attendance.

Seth shared honestly that while he loves to read, he’s not fond of essay writing, making those his least favorite days of school. Yet, he showed up and did the work.

“Having a bedtime, getting up in the morning and getting your homework done,” he noted as the keys to elementary school success. “Staying focused on what you need to do.”

When posed with the question of describing himself in one word, the student initially chose funny, followed quickly by responsible.

“I don’t want to get in trouble,” he said. “If I get in trouble I get my X-box taken away.”

“He’s the type of kid that doesn’t like to disappoint,” Brandi said of her oldest child. “I’m proud of how responsible and hard-working he is. He’s always reached his goals.”