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Sierra View Student Raises Funds For Friend
Selfless Heart
logan 1
Sierra View Elementary fourth grader, Logan Atkinson as he works on one of over 350 monogrammed tiles he and his mom Amy have made to raise money for an ill friend

Some might say Logan Atkinson has a heart bigger than his 10-year-old stature.

The Sierra View fourth grader’s selflessness recently went viral on social media when he set out to raise a little money for a friend battling an illness through the sale of custom made tiles.

Mom, Amy Atkinson, first learned of the student’s former classmate’s illness via the same forum and the set up of a GoFundMe page.

“When he got home from school, I told him about her illness,” Amy said. “He got very emotional and said he had to do something.”

Initially the 10-year-old proposed selling his TV and all of his toys to his parents to donate money to the GoFundMe page.

“I told him how thoughtful that was, but he couldn’t sell all of his stuff,” mom continued. “I had made one of the tiles the day before, for his brother’s teacher and he asked if we could make those to raise money.”

“She’s my friend,” Logan said of his desire to help the family. “The fundraiser is to get her money so her parents can get off work and go to the hospital.”

The ‘fundraiser,’ which the family initially thought might bring in a few hundred dollars, has currently profited more than $3,500. The custom tiles are sold for $12, with $10 from every sale going to the GoFundMe account.

Logan and mom Amy work together on every 12x12 tile sold. Mom works on the lettering and design for each tile and Logan adheres and lifts pieces of the adhesive from the tile to create the design. Amy shared each tile takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

“I felt bad for her having to have surgery and in pain all day,” Logan said of his desire to help his friend. “I’m doing this so that she can feel better and we can hang out after this.”

Recognizing the innocence as well as beauty of their son’s act, Amy and husband Kurtis continue to do what they can to support their son’s mission to help his friend.

“Makes me proud,” Kurtis said of his young son. “I was shocked (that he’d sell his things) … shocked and proud at the same time.”

Kurtis added that in addition to the traditional sale of the tiles, he’s also received an inquiry from Davis High School FFA requesting custom tiles for sale during their live auction.

“This has definitely taught us to appreciate each moment with our children,” Amy said. “You never know what tomorrow brings. Logan’s kind and loving heart makes us proud. He just wants her pain free, to live a happy, healthy life like she deserves.”

He said doctors require money to get better, so he needs to get that money. At this age,” she continued, “it definitely requires a special kid to be so selfless.”

Tiles are still available for purchase. Persons interested may e-mail Amy and Logan at