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Round-Ups The Order Of The (School) Day
round up 1
Oakdale students from past as well as present years were on hand at Oakdale Junior High last Wednesday, Aug. 2 to help distribute books to incoming seventh and eighth grade students. The 2017-2018 OJUSD school year begins Thursday, Aug. 10.

Amidst the excitement of greeting friends, students getting ready to head back to school this week at Oakdale junior and senior high schools were busy on their respective campuses. From buying gym clothes to finding their lockers, taking a quick tour of the campus to reacquaint themselves with classrooms – or see them for the first time – the incoming seventh through 12th grade students reported for their Round-Ups over a couple of days this past week.

Classes resume for Oakdale schools on Thursday, Aug. 10 and the round-ups help get students ready to hit the ground running on opening day.