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Poets Corner

(Editor’s Note: This week, The Leader brings back a popular regular feature of several years ago, the poetic writings of local students. These poems were submitted through the GATE program; however, The Leader welcomes poetry submissions from all students at local schools, all grade levels. Not all poems submitted will be published; we will feature a few each time the Poet’s Corner appears.)



I Am

By Levi Hensley

4th grade, Sierra View


I am a boy

Who likes to play basketball,

But hates asparagus.

I am a human

Who likes to eat,

But hates sleeping.

I am a gifted learner

who loves G.A.T.E.,

But hates to write.

I am an American

Who loves dogs

But hates animal cruelty.

I am a person

Who loves video games,

But hates chores.

I am Levi Hensley.




I Am

By Seth Cusano

4th grade, Sierra View


I am a boy,

Who likes to ski and play with friends.

Happiness is going through caves,

and hanging out at school.

When I grow up,

I will be a doctor.

In my personal life,

I go on adventures in the mountains.

I am Seth Cusano.




I Am

By Alicia Clark

5th grade, Cloverland


I am a girl who is in fifth grade.

Who likes to play Animal jam and with my dog, Oscar.

Happiness for me is to spend time with my family.

When I grow up I want to

become a Famous Youtuber.

In my personal life is for me to be happy

I am Alicia Clark.




I Am

By Halena Hill

6th grade, Sierra View


I am a girl

who likes to fish,

But hates Brussel sprouts.

I am a person

who likes to camp,

But hates to leave.


I am a German

who loves to focus,

But hates to stress.

I am a person

who loves the snow,

But hates to snowshoe.

I am a student

who loves Gate,

But likes classwork.

I am a girl

who loves science,

But likes math.

I am a girl

who loves who she is,

I am Halena Hill.