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Poets Corner
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Diamond Poem

By Lily Weaver

Fair Oaks, Fourth Grade



hot, dry

dehydrating, biting, blazing,

Pacific, Atlantic, Mojave, Arabian

fishing, sailing, snorkeling

cold, wet





Free Verse

By Breanna Guillermo

Fair Oaks, Sixth Grade


Spending time with each other

Mom and dad give huts. Brothers and

sisters laugh. Grandma and grandpa give kisses. Aunt

and Uncles buy presents. Cousins play. We all gather

around in the family room. Remembering fun times.

Looking at so many at so many photo albums. Laughing

at the funny moments and going back to the loveable

times. No matter where you are or what will happen

family will always love you.




By Mateo Zepeda

Fair Oaks, Sixth Grade


A lonely leaf now

blown into the winder winds

lands but once again



What is Surprise

By Niel Ongkingco

Fair Oaks, Fifth Grade


Surprise is the unknown

Like the moment you answer the telephone

It’s when you’re quiet to screaming

or getting called on for day dreaming.


Surprise has its own desire

or when you cut the right wire


Surprise has its own prize.