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Oakdale Exhibitors Shine At County Fair
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Again, Oakdale’s livestock exhibitors dominated the competition at the Stanislaus County Fair held July 16-25. Results are still being gathered for Oakdale FFA and the town’s several 4-H clubs, but listed below are the top placings known as of press time.

Sierra 4-H sheep project leader Gypsy Keene reported that her club’s members “faired” exceptionally well at the fair.

In breeding sheep competition, Taylor Strasser had Champion Wether Sire and Reserve Champion Wether Dam. Madison Morgan had the Reserve Champion Wether Sire.

In market lamb competition, Travis Lehfeldt had the 4-H Reserve Champion Heavyweight Market Lamb and also a first place in market class. Katie Northcutt took second place in her 4-H market lamb class.

In sheep showmanship, Strasser was second place in Advanced Sheep Showmanship, Caitlyn Hartzell was second place in True Novice Showmanship, and Blake Morgan received second place in 4-H Novice Showmanship.

Katie Northcutt won first prize in the senior division of Lads and Ladies Lead.

Impressively, three exhibitors from Sierra 4-H club participated in Master Showmanship where several livestock species are shown by the individual winners from each species’ showmanship. Strasser won first prize in Master Showmanship competition, representing sheep showmanship. Hartzell had won advanced beef showmanship and Lehfeldt had won advanced swine showmanship, both also participating in Master Showmanship.

In rabbit competition, Sierra 4-H club’s Madison Morgan won Best of Show with her Himalayan rabbit.

In the FFA contests, Oakdale exhibitors also did well at the fair. Oakdale FFA co-advisor Bob Joseph reported some of the chapter’s results. He said that for swine, the chapter did very well and all of the market swine made the sale. He also said that the swine show was very competitive. He added that the market lamb exhibitors also did very well, as did the chapter’s meat goat exhibitors.

Makayla Spaman had the FFA Champion and FFA Reserve Champion market lambs. Her FFA champion was then tapped to be the Grand Champion market lamb at the show.

Tiffany Thompson had a second place market lamb.

In sheep showmanship, Spaman won the Advanced class. Thompson took fourth place in the Freshman class.

In market swine competition, John Traini had a first place hog, Sierra Mahan had a first place hog, and Matt Munns had a second place hog and Thompson also had a second place market hog. Oakdale FFA took home a sixth place ribbon in market swine Chapter Group.

In swine showmanship, Traini took fourth place and Ryan Lang took fifth place in the Advanced class. Matt Munns received fourth place in True Novice class and Clayton McDaniel received fourth place in the Freshman class.

In market meat goats, Jenna Heaton had a first place winner and a second place as well.

In meat goat showmanship, Heaton won first prize in the Freshman class and was able to move up to the Advanced class where she placed second.

In dairy goat showmanship, Megan Tackett received third place in the Advanced class.

In rabbit competition, Lauren Rivera had fourth place with her meat pen of rabbits. In rabbit showmanship, she took third prize in the Advanced class.

In Master Showmanship, Oakdale FFA had two representatives. Spaman, who had won advanced horse showmanship and also advanced sheep showmanship, took third place while Nick Moore, who had won advanced beef showmanship, took fifth place.

Look for more results and photos from the Stanislaus County Fair for Oakdale exhibitors in the Aug. 11 issue of The Leader.