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Enrollment Up In Oakdale Schools
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Student enrollment numbers appear to be up slightly this year, wrapping up a full week of school in the Oakdale Joint Unified School District. School started Aug. 14 and OJUSD Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Terri Taylor supplied enrollment numbers on Aug 20.

“Keep in mind that in the first week of school the numbers can fluctuate, as the sites are still enrolling and also determining which students have actually moved,” she said.

She added that most of the time, the district isn’t notified by families when they move over the summer; however, the district probably has a good handle on the numbers by now. At this point, total enrollment in the district is 5,353 students.

“We had 5,250 (students) at the end of the 2011-2012 school year, which means our enrollment is up on paper,” Taylor said. “…The first week is always interesting as the numbers fluctuate and then settle.”

The enrollment numbers reported Aug. 20 had inched up from the numbers first reported on Aug. 16, with most of the increases at the high school level.

“We are pleased that our numbers have increased over what we had at the end of 2011-2012,” Taylor said. “Our goal for this school year is to improve attendance across the district, as our ADA (average daily attendance) is so important for funding.”

As of Aug. 20, for the elementary schools, Cloverland has 524 students, Magnolia has 600, Sierra View has 697, and Fair Oaks has the most with 840 students enrolled.

Oakdale Junior High School shows 827 enrolled students. Oakdale High School has 1,670 students, while in the alternative education programs, East Stanislaus High School is at 74 students, Valley Oak junior/senior high school is at 55 students, and Oakdale Charter high school is at 66 students.

Taylor also reported that the largest class K-12 in the district is the senior class with 496 students.

“At this point, I believe our numbers have settled and are accurate,” Taylor said, adding that the majority of the “no-shows” have been documented by the school site attendance secretaries, and new enrollees have been accounted for as well.