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Thief Sentenced To Prison
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Willis W. Farmer, 31, of Oakdale, was sentenced to state prison for a total of five years after pleading no contest to a residential burglary and also admitting a prior conviction in San Joaquin County.
The case arose out of events that occurred on March 26, in Oakdale. Defendant Farmer confronted an acquaintance about a perceived slight and disrespect towards Farmer. As a result, defendant Farmer told the victim that he was going to take something of value from him and entered the victim’s home without permission. Farmer had the victim, against his will, assist in carrying the victim’s computer equipment out of the house to a waiting car.
Farmer left in the car with the stolen property. Oakdale Police were notified and they later located the defendant in the car with the stolen property. The stolen items were recovered and returned to the victim.
Farmer was sentenced by the Honorable Judge Nancy Ashley to a total of five years in state prison after pleading no contest to residential burglary and admitting a prior burglary conviction in San Joaquin County that qualified as a serious felony on California’s “Three Strikes” law.