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Police Sweep Nets Guns, Drugs
Oakdale police


Oakdale Police in coordination with members of the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department and Stanislaus Probation Department conducted a gang suppression operation and arrested three Oakdale residents during a probation search of a residence in the 1100 block of West G Street. Police recovered an illegal shotgun and narcotic offenses also resulted from the action.

When the units arrived for the search, they observed Ernie Hernandez, 25, of Oakdale walking away from a car in the parking area for the residence. Inside the car, officers observed a plastic bag containing a powdery substance consistent with heroin.

When questioned, Hernandez denied ownership of the vehicle, despite a DMV check showing he and his girlfriend, Shaylee Cardoso, 19, of Oakdale, were the registered owners.

Officers obtained consent from Cardoso to search the vehicle.

The search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of 41.7 grams of heroin, 24.7 grams of cocaine, 24 Oxycodone pills and 65 Hydrocodone tablets. Also in the car was a sawed-off shotgun.

When police searched Hernandez, they found him carrying over $4,000 in cash. Police seized the cash as evidence.

They estimated the street value of the drugs over $6,000.

Hernandez was arrested for four counts of possession of narcotics for sale and possession of a short-barreled shotgun.

“The arrest of Ernie Hernandez, a major drug dealer and admitted Norteno gang member, was the result of some exceptional police work on the part of Sgt. Joe Carrillo that culminated in taking a lot of drugs and a firearm off the streets, making Oakdale a safer place which is our ultimate goal,” said Oakdale Police Sergeant Joe Johnson. “A big thanks goes out to Stanislaus County Probation and the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s deputies who assisted.”

According to Johnson, money for the operation was made available through the city manager and council who set aside funds in this year’s budget for special enforcement activities.

“As our numbers have decreased over the last few years it’s important to let the criminal community know we’re still able to actively check on them,” said Johnson. “If they’re staying clean, that’s great, but if they’re not, they’re going to pay the price.”