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Piece Of The Past Missing From Business
Father and son barber team Randall and dad Norman Morgan are shown standing in front of the barber shop with the replacement barber pole in the background. It was a sad day when they found the damage to their building and a big empty gap where their original barber pole was mounted. Norm has been cutting hair for 65 years and they have been doing business in Oakdale for 45 years. Their barber pole was stolen a few weeks ago and has not been recovered. - photo by Virginia Still/The Leader

The red, white and blue pole that has been out in front of Norm’s Barber Shop on West F Street in Oakdale for over 45 years has been stolen. The theft occurred overnight, sometime between when the business closed on Wednesday, Jan. 16 and re-opened the next day. The iconic barber pole was ripped off the wooden structure that it had been attached to for years.

Norman Morgan, his wife Ramona, and son Randall went into work like they always do on that particular Thursday and attended to their clients. At the end of the day, Ramona always picks up the ash tray and rug that sits in front of the door. She then realized the barber pole that had been there since they started the business 45 years ago, was missing. There was a big gap where the jumbo barber pole was once mounted. The wooden frame that it was attached to was damaged and the emptiness was very apparent on the front of the shop. And, they said, in their hearts. Customers also started mentioning the fact that it was gone and were very upset that someone would do that, according Randall.

“It really hurt my dad, because that pole had been there since he has been here,” Randall noted.

The following day they reported the theft to the Oakdale Police Department and received a case number. They have not had any leads nor have they recovered the original pole.

“The barber pole is an icon for barbers and only barbers can have a barber pole,” added Randall.

A day or two before the barber pole was stolen, Randall said he noticed someone wearing a hoody, riding a BMX bike during the day, going by the barber shop. He said the cyclist rode by, up and back, and kept staring at the front of the shop. It’s unknown if he had any involvement in the theft.

The Morgan family is doing whatever they can to find the barber pole and have taken a few suggestions from the Police Department.

“We would like whoever took it, to bring it back or anyone that may have information to call us,” said Randall. The pole was an heirloom to their family, he added.

If you drive by Norm’s Barber Shop on West F Street now, you will see a barber pole with the red, white, and blue stripes in the front of the store. But it’s not quite the same.

Norm has placed a smaller version of the original pole he had, on the entryway into the shop. He has put it out there to move forward and continue business as usual. However, he is now unbolting it and removing it every night and putting it back out every morning.

“It is a shame that he has to unbolt it and put it away every day,” said Randall.