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Parole, Probation Sweep Nets 12 Arrests
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Law enforcement officers from six different agencies conducted a parole/probation sweep operation in Northeast Stanislaus County on Wednesday, June 2 that resulted in 12 arrests. During the operation, officers from Riverbank, Waterford, Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department, Oakdale, Stanislaus County Probation, California State Parole, DMV Investigators and Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents completed 63 searches and contacted 79 homes.

The primary focus areas of the operation were the cities of Riverbank, Waterford and Oakdale. This included the unincorporated county areas surrounding these cities.

The operation’s goal was to contact as many probationers and parolees as possible, authorities said, to ensure they were complying with the terms of their probation or parole. Typically, when an inmate is granted probation or parole they are given guidelines to follow when released. Probation officers and parole agents are charged with monitoring these offenders and keeping them within their set guidelines.

“Our job is and always will be to protect the public,” said Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson. “Even in these times of unprecedented declines in revenue, we can pool our resources together with other agencies to put together large scale operations such as this one.”

In total, three parolees were arrested for narcotics and drug possession. Eight probationers were also violated for offenses ranging from failing to allow a search, to possession of methamphetamine. Two firearms were also located in possession of a convicted felon. The felon, Michael Woody, 33, of Waterford, was arrested for violating his parole as well as possessing the firearms and methamphetamine.

Riverbank Detective Mark Copeland and Deputy Probation Officer Nil Saing spearheaded the operation out of the Riverbank office.

“It’s obvious that this operation could not have been conducted by any one agency,” said Detective Copeland. “When we work together we show the criminals out there that we take crime seriously, and if you violate the terms of your probation, you will be violated.”

There are approximately 6,800 adults and 900 juveniles currently on formal probation in Stanislaus County. Both Copeland and Saing put together a list totaling 122 parolee/probationers to be searched.

“We had a successful day,” said Copeland. “When you run out of time because you’ve simply made too many arrests, that shows we’re making a difference.”

Arrested parties included Avi Gorzier, 30, Riverbank, on a warrant; Heather Murray, 18, Riverbank for resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia; Juan Hernandez, 34, Riverbank for felon in possession of ammo and parole violation; Austin Leal, 36, Oakdale for parole violation; Tiffney Sumter, 37, Turlock for possession of methamphetamine; Randi Tyler, 18, Waterford for possession of methamphetamine for sale; Henry Telles, Jr., 24, Waterford for possession of meth for sale; Robert Cole, 50, Waterford for probation violation; Jesus Aguilar, 30, Waterford on a warrant; Michael Woody, 33, Waterford for felon in possession of a firearm, possession of meth and parole violation; Edward Brown, 37, Waterford for possession of meth and probation violation; and a juvenile, 17, Riverbank on a juvenile probation warrant.