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Crime Rate Below Five-Year Average
O crime

As shared recently by Oakdale City Police Chief Jerry Ramar, preliminary annual crime statistics compiled by the Oakdale Police Department show the overall crime rate was up in 2021 when compared to 2020, but below the five-year average for the fifth year in a row.

From January to December of 2021, the Oakdale Police Department recorded fewer cases of violent crime incidents compared to 2020 and incidents of property crimes remained nearly the same compared to 2020.

There were two homicides in 2020 and one homicide in 2021.

Reported robberies decreased from 14 incidents in 2020 to 12 in 2021.

Reported rapes decreased from eight in 2020 to seven in 2021.

Overall, violent crime decreased by 14 incidents, with 40 reports of categorized violent crimes, including 20 aggravated assaults in 2021, compared to 30 aggravated assaults in 2020.

DUI arrests were down 4 percent while traffic collisions were up 69 percent. This increase in 2021 collisions is due to the minimal traffic seen in 2020 as a result of the pandemic.