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City Council Candidates Vie For Two Open Seats

Voters in Oakdale will have a choice of several candidates for two available seats on the City Council next month.

The following six candidates are running for a position on the council on the Nov. 3 ballot. For more information on voting procedures this year, go to


Ericka Chiara

Ericka Chiara was appointed by the Oakdale City Council in 2018 to finish the term of a councilmember who had moved. Chiara is the wife to a local firefighter/paramedic, mom to three young men, and partner in a local business with manufacturing and retail locations in Oakdale. They moved to Oakdale in 2005 to start their family because they loved the small-town feel and sense of community. It is her goal to maintain the quaintness of Oakdale while continuing to grow the community in smart and responsible ways.

Since being appointed, Chiara believes the Oakdale City Council has faced many challenges, many that still require understanding and experience to navigate. Chiara is seeking the opportunity to continue her service to the people of Oakdale. She brings a love of liberty, an appreciation for the community, and a focus on fiscal responsibility and individual rights. Her desire to keep Oakdale on the path of responsible and safe growth as a place for families and businesses to flourish while keeping the city’s small-town character and traditions is a priority.


Marco Camacho, Jr.

For the past year, Marco Camacho has served as the vice-chairman for the Oakdale Tourism and Visitors Bureau, and board member for six months prior. Camacho has called Oakdale home his entire life. He met his wife, Hollie, at their church, and they have two young girls. According to Camacho, he’s running for City Council to help move Oakdale forward and bring progress to the city. As a Measure Y Commissioner, he did his best to make sure the city’s tax dollars were going where they needed. Camacho has a vested interest in helping his hometown grow to its greatest potential.


Cecilia Suarez

Cecilia Suarez and her family and have lived in Oakdale for almost 10 years and loves the community. As a private person, running for office is a little out of the norm for Suarez but she admits it’s been an enlightening experience.

Suarez made the decision to run for office a year ago. With a family background in military service, she understands the rigors of public service and comes at the responsibility with heart and firm commitment. Suarez was born and raised in south side Stockton and moved to Stanislaus County after meeting her husband more than 20 years ago. Currently, Suarez works as an office manager in various fields for about 20 years.

Being a part of the City Council, Suarez feels will give her more insight into the day-to-day operations and detail of how to keep Oakdale charming with revenue growth and sustainability. Her platform is about keeping Oakdale a good, solid family town and listening to the residents. Suarez is the Vice Chair of the Measure H oversight committee, which provides insight into the finances of where the city’s half cent sales tax is being spent.

Suarez and her family are big fans of community and youth sports, especially soccer. As a board member and assistant coach, Suarez feels particularly strong about returning to the soccer fields.


Curtis Haney

Hard work, respect for your neighbor, and love of country are values that were instilled in Curtis Haney while growing up on a ranch in Oakdale. Today, as an airline pilot, he continues to pass these values on to his children. As a fellow neighbor, Haney is running for Oakdale City Council to ensure that Oakdale’s small-town values continue while also looking to the future with new ideas to ensure that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are available to all Oakdale residents.

Haney vows to ensure that the city’s tax dollars work to provide a safe community, top notch schools, and a vibrant economy. As an airline pilot, Haney travels the country and sees first-hand what works and doesn’t work in cities and towns across America. This unique perspective, along with his background in agriculture and working for small family businesses, uniquely qualifies Haney to bring fresh ideas rooted in the heritage of the town.

Haney holds firm to the truth that government is for the people, by the people.


KC Nate

KC Nate moved with his wife and two young children to Oakdale in 2019. The residents of Oakdale have a pride and commitment to each other that Nate finds unique. Whether it’s local business, athletics, or those in need, this community steps up and shows up. Nate is grateful to call Oakdale home and is confident he has the values, background, and abilities to help it continue prospering.

If elected, Nate will focus his efforts supporting city leadership and staff, strengthening local business and the economy, backing police and fire departments, reinforcing well-planned infrastructure, and instilling educational performance and youth development. Nate will ensure the city develops intentionally, balancing the need to preserve small-town life while providing ample opportunities for the next generation.

Nate has years of experience in strategic planning, financial accountability, and operational execution. He is currently a senior administrator with one of the largest health systems in Stanislaus County and he holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. Nate has been endorsed by outgoing councilman Richard Murdoch.

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Fred Smith

Fred Smith is married to his best friend Jennifer, and they have four kids and four (soon to be six) grandchildren. Smith own Fred’s Firearms in Oakdale and is a reserve deputy for Stanislaus County Sheriff’s department. Smith is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Smith has been a citizen in Oakdale for more than 20 years. Smith believes Oakdale is a great place to live, work, and raise children.

Anyone with questions or concerns can contact Smith by email at


This is an at-large election; Oakdale does not seat council members by district so the two candidates receiving the most votes in the Nov. 3 election will win the four-year terms on the council.