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Airport Improvement Project Approved

Members of the Oakdale City Council approved the acceptance of a $933,375 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant for a $1 million improvement project at the Oakdale Airport that includes funds from the Airport Enterprise Fund, and Caltrans Division of Aeronautics.

George Reed Construction, Inc, was awarded the contract bid. The action came at the Monday, Aug. 1 regular council meeting.

The scope of the project will include the following improvements:

Remove 7,330 square yards of existing pavement and excavate 4,299 cubic yards of existing subgrade material.

Install 7,330 square yards of new aggregate base course, 12” thick.

Install 1,680 tons of 3” thick asphalt pavement.

Install 272 lineal feet of new concrete valley gutter and 550 square feet of cement concrete pad around existing fuel tank pad.

Install 34 new bollards around existing fuel tank pad.

Install 1,000 lineal feet of new concrete ribbon curb around existing City T-hangars.

Install 5,265 square feet of new paintstriping.

Councilmember Christopher Smith praised the work of Senior Engineering Technician Michael Renfrow for his dedication to improving the local airport.

Smith said, “I want to say thank you Michael for your hard work. That airport is really coming out. It’s a really pleasant place to go. The pilot’s lounge is great … you’re doing an awesome job.”

Tentative plans to move forward on the project are pending Caltrans grant application approval but barring any unforeseen complications, Renfrow anticipates a start date of Aug. 22 with a completion date before Airport Appreciation Day on Oct. 8. The fueling station will be shut down for approximately two weeks during the paving process.

Renfrow assured Council members that staff will work with the current hangar tenants to alleviate any disruption caused during the duration of the project.