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Have You Seen This? Pit bulls are strong
No Caption - photo by John Clyde

PIT BULLINGTON We always knew pit bulls were strong, but now we have proof that they have superpowers.

Rafael Caraveo Saldivar got this video of his pit bull making a jump that would make Clyde Drexler envious. That reference too dated? How about LeBron James? That work?

Anyway, this dog jumps and then manages to grab the end of a rope that's 12 feet in the air. To put that in perspective that's well that's high. My creativity just took a mini-vacation.

Creativity isn't what's important, however; what is important is that this dog can get 12 feet in the air, while my vertical leap is somewhere between leaping over a Lego figure and not trying.

Regardless, this dog is an athlete; I am not. Apparently I need a dog.