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Turlock, Ceres Christmas Tree Lanes
Holiday excursion that wont disappoint young or old
Whoville house 2 copy

While some of us are approaching that unwritten deadline of putting up our Christmas lights, others have been plotting their design for months.

Whether it’s an effort to outdo the neighbors, or a genuine desire for the display of Christmas spirit — we may never know. There is no denying, however, the aesthetically pleasing display it is.

Turlock and Ceres are sure to not disappoint as their communities both produce a Christmas Tree lane as a tradition during the holidays.

“It provides Ceres with a sense of community and identity — we’re known for our Christmas Tree Lane,” said Traci Farris, Ceres Recreation Manager. “So many people come to see the lights every year and it’s great for families to have as a tradition.”


Come enjoy the lights of Christmas at Ceres’ Christmas Tree Lane off of Moffett Road as they turn it into an array of lights. Moffett Rd. is located right off of Smyrna Park in Ceres.


Turlock’s Christmas Tree Lane is a tradition for many to see as well and brings a crowd to the area, located off of Berkeley Avenue and filling the streets of Wellerman Way and Michael Way.


Every house shines with a different theme.


For the second year — seemingly appropriately now with the celebration of the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars: Episode VII — Marc Jackson not only lights up his yard with storm troopers, but uses the force to put on a theatrical display with live characters.


“Last year I stumbled into it just being a fan of Star Wars,” he said. “But this year with the movie coming out, it just all fits together.”


Jackson explained that there will be choreographed flash mobs, impromptu scenes, battles, comedy, fun and dancing.


“It’s fun for the community and kids; we make it like an outdoor performing theatre,” he said. “Everyone has a great time and we enjoy doing it.”


Family friends and Jackson’s youngest son gets involved and play the Star Wars Christmas Tree Lane cast; last year there was around seven characters and Jackson says this year they’ll be 11 or 12.


You can visit his display at 2515 Teresa Court and the theatrics from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Dec.19 through Dec. 22, but Jackson reminds everyone to be sure to enjoy the pure art of all the lights on the lane — his favorite being the Whoville house.



“Christmas Tree Lane has been going on for over 30 years in this area, all in the spirit of Christmas,” he said. “Everyone needs to see everything on it; it’s truly works of art.”