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Stocktons shining lights
pic spanos display copy
The larger than life Nativity scene in front of the Spanos compound is a long time holiday attraction in Stockton.

Jim Galindo has a Christmas-decorated front yard worth seeing.

It’s a dazzling display of over 400,000 LED lights that can be seen a few blocks away.

The Galindo house in the Collegeview area of Stockton attracts folks from all over.

Motorists along either direction of El Dorado Street just off the Calaveras River bridge-crossing have been known to make their way to this place just to catch a glimpse of this marvelous Christmas display, featuring a brightly lit blue tree along with another tree wrapped in tightly-wound strands of red lights.

Galindo, who has been decorating his home for the holidays, started getting into the Christmas spirit with his home over a dozen years ago.

In order to get it right, he begins working on this endeavor in August.

His light display has gone from modest to a grand holiday attraction.

Passersby will often stop and pull out their smart phones just to post a picture of this dazzling decoration.

Place: Galindo house

Location: 122 E. Gibson St., Stockton

How get there: Take the Highway 4 crosstown free and exit on El Dorado Street. Go north for about five or six miles and, after passing Churchill Street stop lights, go four blocks from there to Gibson Street, making a right.

 Spanos house

Every year, the Lincoln Road home belonging to billionaire Alex Spanos features a larger-than-life nativity scene.

This is the stretch of road that runs from Alexandria Place – adjacent to the Lincoln High School parking lot and stadium – to Pershing Avenue.

Tour buses and cars will slowly travel along this corridor, stopping in front of the Spanos compound to check out the nativity scene backed by a blue curtain of lights.

Even the guard shack decorated with red and green lights, with two large wreaths at the entry way and four snowmen sitting nearby.

Meadow Avenue

Right around the corner from the Spanos house is Meadow Avenue, once known as Stockton’s Candy Cane Lane.

A few homes along this stretch from Alexandria and Pershing continue the tradition of going all out by decorating their front yard with plenty of Christmas lights and decorations. Folks will slowly drive along Meadow Lane with their car lights dimmed or completely off to further enjoy the experience.

Place: Spanos house / Meadow Avenue

How to get there: From Highway 99, take the Highway 4 crosstown freeway to Interstate 5 north. Exit West Benjamin Holt Drive and travel east to Alexandria Place, turning left and continuing on to Meadow Avenue. Turn right on to Meadow and slowly head east to Pershing – from Pershing, travel south and complete the loop by turning on to Lincoln Road, going west to the Spanos compound nativity scene.


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