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New Years Celebrations Around The Globe
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Much of the world rings in the new year in grand fashion. Celebrations may include fireworks, concerts and, of course, champagne. But while there might be common elements to New Year’s celebrations regardless of geography, the parties can vary greatly depending on where celebrants happen to be. The following are some of the more raucous places in the world to ring in the new year.


New York, NY

Times Square is in the heart of midtown Manhattan and is a sight to behold any time of year. But the New Year’s celebration in Times Square is a truly unique event that many people insist they must experience at least once in their lifetimes. Each year, roughly one million revelers gather at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, so anyone planning to attend the celebration should aim to get there long before midnight if they want to see the famed ball drop.


Paris, France

Fireworks dominate the Parisians’ celebration of the dawn of a new year. The world renowned Champs-Élysées is lined with revelers who can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the fireworks that explode from the Eiffel Tower at the stroke of midnight.


Sydney, Australia

Fireworks fanatics who can’t make it to the City of Light might want to book a trip down under to Sydney. Each year, revelers in Sydney gather to witness awe-inspiring fireworks displays that explode from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and some surrounding buildings. The Sydney waterfront adds to the celebratory ambiance.


London, England

New Year’s waterfront celebrations are not exclusive to Sydney, as London also hosts celebratory fireworks displays along the River Thames. When the fireworks are finished exploding from the tower around Big Ben, one of the world’s most recognizable tourist attractions, the magic then continues at another of London’s famous landmarks, the London Eye. Fireworks explode from the famed Ferris wheel as Londoners ring in the new year in style.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


New Year’s revelers who want something slightly different might want to try Rio, where residents take to the beaches to celebrate the dawn of a new year. Flowers are thrown into the waves at the stroke of midnight before the city erupts into parties loaded with dancing and music.