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Men Are Increasingly Taking Health And Nutrition Seriously
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Men are taking active roles in choosing the foods they eat, and that increased interest can lead to positive long-term results.

Certain notions regarding nutrition and diet prevail even in the wake of research that suggests they shouldn’t. For example, it has long been assumed that females diet and men give little thought to the foods they consume. But many such assumptions no longer hold water.

Recent evidence shows that men diet, too, and many men – perhaps spurred on by a recent health crisis or a desire to be as healthy as they can be – have taken much more informed and active roles in regard to their diets.

Data from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases says around 73.7 percent of men in the United States are considered to be overweight or obese. This may be driving the fact that more than one in three U.S. consumers followed a specific diet or eating pattern in 2018, according to the Annual Food and Health Survey, released by the International Food Information Council Foundation. In 2016, a survey of more than 2,000 adults in the United Kingdom, conducted by the retail analysts Mintel, uncovered that almost half of Brits tried to lose weight in the year prior. However, 42 percent of male respondents and 33 percent of female participants reported being unaware of how many calories they were consuming each day.

As more men take control of their eating habits, these strategies can help them achieve optimal health.

Change the name. Men are often drawn to regimens that will help make them better at sports or increase energy. Referring to such changes as ‘food plans’ or ‘lifestyle plans’ may prove more effective than calling them ‘diets.’

Work with a nutritionist. Everyone can use a little guidance when making initial changes to their diets. A nutritionist can help men weigh their goals and customize food plans that fit.

Pair dieting with exercise. Food choices play a major role in weight loss, but exercise is a key component of overall health and should not be overlooked.

Count calories. Using a food tracker is one of the best ways to measure calories and nutrients so you can have a better grasp on what you’re eating and how it’s affecting you.