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Booking A Vacation Rental During Unique Travel Season
Many people are planning to go on vacation this summer. Would-be travelers may have to reconsider their traditional approach to vacation rentals in response to what figures to be a unique time to travel.

After a dismal 2020 when people’s movements were greatly restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel and tourism could increase significantly beginning in the summer of 2021. That’s great news for the businesses and workers who make their living in the tourism industry, and it’s music to the ears of people itching to get out of the house and head off for parts unknown.

Vacation rentals figure to be hot commodities in the months to come. According to the short-term rental property management platform Guesty, vacation rental reservations between June and August of 2021 increased by 110 percent compared to the same period a year earlier. Competition for vacation rentals could be steep this summer, and a few tips could help vacationers find a property to call their home away from home.

Act quickly. Travel and tourism industry professionals reported an uptick in demand for vacation rentals as early as February 2021. COVID-19 vaccinations had already been available to millions of people by then, so it’s no surprise rentals picked up around that time. Anyone still looking for a rental should be prepared to move quickly upon finding properties they like, as remaining rentals may not stay on the market with more and more fully vaccinated people looking to travel.

Recognize that location might not be everything. Location is a top priority in a typical vacation season, but summer 2021 figures to be an atypical time to travel. Location typically bears such significance because travelers want to be close to attractions and amenities like shops and restaurants. But many areas, including some tourism hotspots, are only gradually reopening this summer. So proximity to amenities may not be as important this summer as it has been in the past. Recognizing that may expand travelers’ options as they scan vacation rental listings.

Focus on the rental. Though location might not be as important in the summer of 2021, the rental property itself might take on heightened importance. Restaurants may still be operating under capacity restrictions this summer, which might make it hard to book dinner reservations. Travelers also may not want to dine out three times per day if doing so requires adhering to various restrictions. That places extra importance on the amenities of the vacation rental. Rentals with fully functional kitchens, and even those with outdoor kitchens, may be especially valuable to travelers this summer. In addition, rentals with plenty of space to lounge around indoors and outdoors could provide a comfortable respite for travelers without much to do.