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Seniors Prevail In Benefit Hoops Game
Enjoying the moment, Oakdale senior basketball player Tyler Cooley shares a smile with JV coach Anthony Pratt during the staff vs. seniors basketball game, hosted as a benefit for the ASB. Photo By Jeff Kettering

It was the Staff vs. Seniors benefit basketball game, hosted in the Mustang gym, staged as a fundraiser for ASB.

“The purpose of the game is to raise funds for the leadership class and to promote student/teacher interaction in a non-educational setting. Trying to improve connections between staff and students,” said ASB Advisor Guy Fowler.

This year, it was a win for the seniors – the first time in a dozen years – taking the contest by a 56-54 decision.

“We had about 125 people in attendance and it was great fun,” added Fowler. “Yes, the scoreboard said the seniors won, but it was all about having fun and I think we definitely accomplished that. It was the first time we held this since early March of 2020, and then the next week COVID hit, so we were just happy to be able to do this.”

The game was a back and forth contest and though there were no official statistics kept, the hoopsters from the Class of 2023 were happy to walk off with the win.

Teacher and assistant varsity basketball coach Jeremy Fields lines up a shot during the staff vs. seniors benefit basketball game in the Mustang gym. Photo By Jeff Kettering