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Leon Edward Accorne

Leon Edward Accorne, 90, died Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010 in San Juan Capistrano, where he had moved from San Jose to be near his family just the year earlier.

He was born in Modesto. He grew up in the Oakdale area. At age six, the family moved to a six-acre ranch at the end of Walnut Street by the Stanislaus River. He and his brother enjoyed playing tennis in high school. He also enjoyed playing a violin in the school orchestra and his mandolin at church.

After high school, he attended Modesto Junior College and worked as a route salesman for Oakdale Auto Parts. Later, he worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad in Oakland as a freight and passenger car inspector before and during World War II. After recovering from thyroid surgery he was drafted by the Army and served two years working in hospitals in the Midwest.

Just before entering the Army, Mr. Accorne married his Oakdale High School sweetheart Evajean Brennan, daughter of Florabel and Daniel Brennan. They began their married life in San Jose. He enjoyed his adult years in San Jose working for a dairy as a milkman and ended his working years as a real estate broker.

He enjoyed the many friends he made through his work as well as at church. His relationship with God was what he said blessed his life.

He is survived by his daughter, Jean Ellen (William) Brown; stepson, Gary Detlefs; grandsons, Peter and Robb; and two great-grandchildren.