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School District Issues Coronavirus Response Plan

Officials at the Oakdale Joint Unified School District have posted information on the district website regarding the ongoing situation with the coronavirus. According to the information posted on Friday, March 13 “all schools in Oakdale are following the guidance of the County Public Health Officer which includes mitigation practices, social distancing, disinfecting high touch areas, and insuring that students and staff who are ill or showing Flu-like symptoms should stay home.”

There are currently no plans to close district schools “unless directed in the future by the Public Health Officer.”

Sports contests have been put on hold, with no games being played.

This will be in place, along with other measures, now through March 31 – “all non-essential gatherings such as athletic contests and games and evening performances that could attract an audience of 250 or more are being postponed or canceled. Small gatherings in an area where social distancing of 6 feet or more can be accommodated may continue as planned. Essential functions that are considered integral to school including Outdoor Education, After-School Program, sports practices, and select field trips will continue unless otherwise directed.:

District officials said any additional cancellations or limitations will be announced through the district website.

“We will continue our close communication stream with the Public Health Officer to continue to make informed and measured decisions to keep our students and staff safe, as well as to value our student’s education and experiences.”