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Team Raises Funds For Relay For Life
Normal 0 0 1 34 198 oakdale leader 1 1 243 11.1282 0 0 0 Magnolia Elementary School Principal Julie Minabe puckers up for “Little Lady” the hog in a Kiss The Pig contest that raised $300 for the school’s Relay for Life team to benefit the American Cancer Society. - photo by COURTESY OF CHRIS ARSENIO
Magnolia Elementary School Principal Julie Minabe recently did her best impression of a farmer by dressing up in overalls and a straw hat. Putting on a show for her students on March 26, she then put on lipstick and prepared herself to kiss a pig in the school courtyard for a cause.

A group of Magnolia staff members formed a Relay for Life team, called Antinetti’s All Stars, in memory of former Magnolia Principal, the late Pam Antinetti, and in honor of her granddaughter, who is a Kindergartner at Magnolia. The school held the fundraiser from March 22-25 to benefit the Relay team for the American Cancer Society. For a $1 donation, students could cast a vote for who on campus they would most like to see kiss a pig, for a $5 donation, 10 votes could be cast.

Minabe received the most votes after they were tallied, with teacher-in-charge Kathy Jenkins coming in second place. “Little Lady” was the 120-pound hog owned by the Verdegaal family that was the recipient of the kiss.

As a result of the four-day fundraiser, $300 was brought in for the Relay for Life Team. The team has already raised over $12,000. Kindergarten teacher Chris Arsenio is the team captain. She reported that other schools in the district are also doing fundraisers such as “Coins for a Cure” and donating the money to support the Magnolia Relay team.

The team also has a fundraiser scheduled for today, Wednesday, March 31 at Bocelli’s Restaurant, where with mention of the team, 25 percent of profits will go to support the team’s efforts.

To donate to Antinetti’s All Stars, contact Arsenio at