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Stop Leads To Stolen Goods
Oakdale police


A mid-morning stop by police of a suspicious person followed with some additional investigation resulted in the arrest of an Oakdale resident for possessing stolen property from an earlier theft from Medlen’s House of Beef.

Oakdale Police Sergeant Joe Johnson stated that police received a call of an individual with a cart of propane tanks around 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 16 near Magnolia School.

Johnson later located Bryan Faulk, 28, of Oakdale pushing a metal cart with five propane tanks of various sizes along with a box in the 700 block of Magnolia Avenue. Upon contact, Johnson discovered that the box contained three sides of packaged beef.

Due to its proximity, other officers made contact at Medlen’s House of Beef and found that the restaurant was missing the beef from an early morning delivery along with propane tanks.

Medlen’s also reported a case of chicken was missing from their delivery but police had not located it yet.

“The box of beef is what we call an ‘FBI clue,’” joked Johnson. “Add that the cart was the type that busboys use to clear tables and it was easy to lead where it may have come from.”

Johnson said that Faulk told him he traded $20 worth of methamphetamine in exchange for the propane and beef to an unknown subject at the church at Second Avenue and Poplar Street.

Faulk offered to take police to the location to find the suspect, but no one was located.

With the recent passage of Proposition 47 and that the total value of the meat, propane, and cart was less than $950; Faulk would have only been subject to being released on a citation at the scene for the crime.

Johnson said that since Faulk was on probation for theft, police were able to book him at Stanislaus County Jail for possession of stolen property and violation of probation.