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Recycle Rate Increases
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Starting March 1, California consumers who redeem their (CRV) beverage container deposits will receive an increase in the per pound redemption rate. “Recycling beverage containers makes more 'cents' than ever before,” said Matt Millhiser, rePLANET’s Marketing Director.  “The State’s new redemption rates, combined with our innovations in automated technology, make recycling more financially rewarding and convenient than any time in California history.”  

CalRecycle’s new rate calculations will increase the per pound CRV redemption rates by seven cents for plastic bottles and three cents for aluminum cans. Consumers who recycle their containers by weight will be eligible for the higher rates. The CRV rate per container remains the same - at five cents for containers under 24 ounces and ten cents for containers 24 ounces and above.  “rePLANET is committed to recycling and dedicated to providing California consumers with clean, convenient, and efficient facilities where they can easily recycle their beverage containers and receive the most accurate refunds,” said Millhiser. “The State’s March 1 rate increase will help us continue that mission while offering customers higher refunds for their weighed recyclables.” 

The State’s action also provides a boost to non-profit organizations that rely on recycling to raise money for needed programs. rePLANET’s rePURPOSE fundraising program helps schools, sports teams, community groups and faith-based programs earn money by collecting and recycling beverage containers. The company provides an extra 10 percent of the value of containers recycled at any rePLANET facility to participating charities. In addition to redeeming refunds by weight, consumers can continue using rePLANET’s automated recycling machines. A quick and easy way to return recyclables, rePLANET’s recycling machines offer unparalleled refund accuracy and convenience for consumers. 

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