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Orange Blossom 4-H Makes Time For Giving


Orange Blossom 4-H Reporter

During the months of November and December, Orange Blossom 4-H has been and will be involved in different activities to help the community. The month of November began with the Knights Ferry Pumpkin Roll. There, the club helped run the carnival games, provided face painting, and hosted a petting zoo. Members brought a donkey, a goose, rabbits, and a hot pink chicken. The local Masons helped the club purchase the prizes for the carnival.

During the November meeting on the 9th, members brought centerpieces for the care center. There were twenty centerpieces made with a variety of materials, such as fresh cut greens and fall-themed ribbon. Members also brought canned food for the canned food drive, which will be donated to the community.


The next meeting will be December 14th at the Knights Ferry Community Center. Members will enjoy a potluck dinner, compete in an ugly sweeter contest, and have a candy gift exchange. Members will bring homemade Christmas cards to donate to the care center. The club will also adopt a family and bring homemade ornaments for their Christmas tree along with donated gifts.