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OID Puts Hold On Water Season
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Significant rains have delayed the start of the Oakdale Irrigation District’s water irrigation season. OID was initially slated to start the season on Tuesday, March 22.

General Manager Steve Knell stated that the district is delaying the start of the season, but can’t tell yet when they’ll begin water deliveries.

“These storms keep stacking up,” Knell said. “…It’s sure getting wet.”

He added that the ground is very saturated right now and water is ponding in the fields.

He said that the district was preparing to start the season and had brought water down; therefore, it’s currently being stored in the Van Lier and North Side regulating reservoirs. He also stated that OID has water ponded in the Cometa and Claribel canals to water-pack the embankments so as to ensure stability from prior work that was done. Additionally, Knell said that storm water is running in the OID system as well.

With the storm fronts that are set to hit California, Knell said that it’s doubtful that OID will start deliveries before April 4, unless it gets hot.

Due to significant rain flowing into the basin, Knell said that water has been released down the Stanislaus River. He reported that the Bureau of Reclamation increased the flow in the river from 300 CFS over this past weekend to 1,300 CFS as of Tuesday, March 22.