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OHS Mustangs Planning To Take A Stand
OHS Mustangs

It’s been nearly a year since the pandemic has hit. For Oakdale High School student-athletes it seems like there is no end in sight. Staying home, not practicing or attending school has taken its toll on many of them. Now, OHS junior Jackson Holt has taken matters into his own hands.

A multi-sport athlete at Oakdale High School, Holt has organized a stand in unity event scheduled for Jan. 15.

“I brought the idea to Mr. Mike Moore and Coach (Trent) Merzon and both have shown their support,” said Holt.

On that date the plan is for students across the state of California to gather for a stand in as well.

“I read about the statewide movement and wanted to bring this to Oakdale High School,” said Holt.

The statewide movement is called LetThemPlay, meaning allow all high school sports to return this year.

Holt wants to make sure that this stays peaceful and sensible.

“This is in no way an anti-government protest. This is a show of peaceful unity to show that we are respectful, responsible and mature enough to voice our opinions and what matters to us. Sports are a big part of this community, so we want to have that back,” Holt said. “We need to do this respectfully to show that we are responsible enough to follow protocols and to show that we are serious about wanting all sports back in California.”

With the COVID-19 still numbers climbing rapidly nationwide, including in college and professional sports, Holt knows and understands the risk of playing.

“I know the numbers are high, but honestly I am not too worried about it. The CIF is taking major precautions with it and testing is available for all of us. Each sport and athlete will have to take it serious and I think the CIF and Oakdale will do that.”

This event is for student-athletes only. Holt encourages all attendees to wear red and gold; wear a mask and social distance the entire event. Holt also says to bring appropriate signs as well. He asks all attendees to meet on the sidewalk in front of Oakdale High School at 4 p.m. on Jan. 15 for the event.