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Last Call: Local Business Is Brewing
Tastes On Tap
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Last Call Brewing Co. Tasting Room will celebrate two years of offering quality locally brewed craft beer to the community this September. The Shepard Court location is open limited hours each Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Shown, from left, Walter Ramirez, Jr., manager; Brian Chiara, co-founder and co-owner; and newest to the team Megan Velting, taste room server. - photo by Teresa Hammond/The Leader

There’s something big brewing on the south end of town and it’s not coffee.

Last Call Brewing Company has craft beer enthusiasts both pleased by its quality and delighted by its quirky location. Now, less than a month from the two-year anniversary of opening the tasting room location, founder and co-owner Brian Chiara is pleased with the reception of their craft beer.

Last Call Brewing Co. tasting room is at 944 Shepard Ct., Oakdale. It’s in an industrial location which is not uncommon for breweries in major cities, catering to a clientele who shares a passion for a well brewed beverage. The tasting room is open Friday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday from noon to 8 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

“I love it here,” Chiara said of the location just slightly east of Yosemite. A stone’s throw from Con Agra, it’s flanked by industrial business. Acknowledging the space limitations, Chiara noted patrons seem to like the uniqueness of the location as well.

Chiara and fellow founder Josh Garcia first began sharing their passion for beer with the community two years ago at the Oakdale Farmer’s Market. A paramedic and firefighter by day, the two man team was simply expanding on a hobby with hopes of having their brews served at area eateries. The tasting room was just a fun extra.

To date the tasting room staffs four part-time employees and earlier this year added Walter Ramirez, Jr. full-time in a management position. Chiara’s wife Ericka currently handles keg distribution to area eateries within a 25 mile radius of the brew house.

“I’m currently very happy here,” Chiara said, “but I do see growth limitations.”

“Right now we’re offering a variety of eight different beers,” he said of the beers offered on site. “We’re limited by what’s on the wall because we only have eight taps.”

But it’s a good problem to have and no immediate plans of movement or expansion, as the hobby turned business must be worked around the founders’ “day jobs.”

Chiara indicated while much of the family free time during the week is spent brewing, creating and maintaining they are mindful of not growing too big, too fast.

“We’ve quadrupled our supply and we can’t keep up,” he said of the brews produced, distributed and served from the Shepard Court location. “We’re still running out.”

Hence the addition of Ramirez on staff for 30 plus hours a week, allowing the two man first responder team, as well as their spouses an opportunity to tend to family as well as the budding business.

Beer enthusiasts choosing to visit the tasting room won’t find it much different than that of any other. Last Call Brewing offers flights for tasting, pints at a great price as well as two types of growlers for those wishing to leave with a favorite. Merchandise is also available including signature pint glasses, T-shirts, baseball caps and stickers. Kegs of beer can also be purchased.

Food however, is the one thing not offered. What might seem a setback or hurdle for some is more opportunity for the team of Last Call.

“We encourage outside food,” Chiara stated. “Go to Ferrarese’s and get your sandwich and come here for a beer. We have people sit here and have Round Table delivered.

“We don’t serve food generally speaking,” he continued, noting partnerships to offer outside food for service on occasion. “When we do … it’s a packed house.”

The brew enthusiasts also increase their visibility by way of Brew Fests throughout the Central Valley, serving as a sponsor for the recent Central Valley Brewfest.

“It’s fun,” Chiara said of the environment and surroundings with fellow beer enthusiasts.

“We’re still the little hole in the wall, even in Oakdale,” he continued. “I really don’t know what’s next, but we’re enjoying sharing what we love with this community.”


For more information on Last Call Brewing visit their Facebook page Last Call Brewing Company or call (888) 512-5592.