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Husband and Wife Duo Open Crossfit Training Studio
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Alison and Brian Huberty demonstrate their Crossfit skills at their new gym facility on Ackley Circle in Oakdale. The husband and wife team are passionate about Crossfit and work to help their clients challenge themselves to greater fitness heights. - photo by Kim Van Meter/The Leader

Ditch the frou-frou work-out togs with the matching top and bottom and glittering logo blazoned across the rear; ditch the cutesy socks and trendy shoes but most importantly — ditch the excuses.
It’s called Crossfit and it’s not your old gym teacher’s work-out; it’s an exercise in pushing yourself to the limit with blood, sweat and tears.
Okay, scared? Well, no need to quake in your sneakers but Crossfit isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for people who want to push themselves to get through a challenging work out and come out the other side stronger with a deeper sense of what they’re capable of accomplishing if they silence that inner voice that says ‘You can’t do this.’
Husband and wife team, Brian and Alison Huberty, owners and fitness instructors of the newly opened, Crossfit Oakdale, are ready to help their clients take fitness and strength to the next level, where it’s a lifestyle and not just something to fill your Tuesday night.
Alison, formerly a stay-at-home-mom until 2009, was once struggling with a thyroid disorder and extreme fatigue. It was a battle to keep up with her three growing boys and her health was deteriorating.
Then something happened.
She discovered a passion for something and coincidentally, it was something her husband, who is in law enforcement, had discovered three years prior.
“I was with Brian at a Crossfit competition and I saw these women doing amazing things,” Alison recalled. “And I realized I wanted to be able to do a pull-up because what if there was a situation where I needed to pull myself to safety? I wanted to be able to save myself if that ever happened. At 30 years old I figured out how to do a pull up.”
That small realization was the catalyst Alison needed to find her path to better health.
And now, there’s no looking back.
“This is a challenge and a goal that you can complete,” Alison said. “You can do a work out that’s not impossible but it’s going to be hard and you’re going to get through it.”
Today, Alison and Brian are both passionate about Crossfit and being fit as a lifestyle.
The fact that they can offer their clients the benefit of their collective experiences, is a bonus.
“The feeling we want to instill is a challenge,” Brian said. “It’s a form of fitness but it’s also a daily checking yourself to continue meeting that challenge. We strive to do more work in less time and we want to see improvement,”
With several different work out times available, the duo have tried to make their schedule work for many different types of people from professionals to stay-at-home-moms.
“This is for everyone as long as you have the heart to do it,” Alison said.
In other words, don’t worry if you’ve been a couch potato up until this point. They can find the right Crossfit work out for you.
“All the exercises are scaleable,” Brian explained, saying an older woman with little work out experience can still do the exercises, just modified to her skill level.
Alison agreed, saying, “You’re going to take it to whatever level you need to.”
And the benefit of pushing yourself beyond what you think you can endure?
Plain and simple — strength.
“This is all applicable to real life,” Brian said. “We don’t want to see people get hurt doing normal stuff like yard work.”
For Brian, Crossfit enabled him to stay fit for his job, but also tapped into that long-forgotten endurance beast he’d built as a competitive athlete in high school.
“For a lot of people, if you were in competitive sports, it scratches that itch that you may not have been able to scratch in a while,” Brian said.
Currently, Crossfit Oakdale has 35 clients and word-of-mouth has spread like wildfire but there’s always room for more.
Each Saturday is bring a friend day, where if you’re a current client you can bring a friend to try it out for free or if you’re unsure about Crossfit and what it’s all about, you can try it out at no cost.
Also, Alison offers a kids Crossfit for children ages 6-12, which features modified workouts that are age appropriate but still challenging.
New clients are given a baseline assessment to ascertain their current fitness level and then Brian and Alison work hard to challenge them to greater fitness heights.
But one thing they caution is not to get overwhelmed or disappointed.
“It takes a good two to three months to learn the movements and learn the intensity,” Brian said. “We want to teach people, not break them. We want to be safe and effective in our program and you’re likely not going to get it the first day, but that’s okay.”
Both Brian and Alison are pleased with their new Crossfit business and how it’s unfolding within the community.
“We’re here to teach fitness as a lifestyle and we have a deep understanding of Crossfit,” Brian said. “It’s what we’re passionate about.”
Alison agreed, saying, “This is exactly what we imagined when we talked about wanting to open our own Crossfit gym.”
For more information on Crossfit Oakdale, go to their website at or visit their Facebook page.
Crossfit Oakdale is located at 1872 Ackley Circle, Ste. 6 in Oakdale.
To contact Brian or Alison Huberty at Crossfit Oakdale, call 209-345-4380.