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Fishing Report 6-6-18

There’s an interesting trend that I’ve been noticing pertaining to used boat sales. Used boats are actually selling at a higher price than they were several years ago. For example, the last boat that I sold four years ago is now priced at least $5,000 more today than when I sold it. A lot has to do with the prices of new boats. A fully rigged tournament ready bass boat with all the bells and whistles can be upwards of $60,000. Even those that have the money to purchase or finance such a boat are preferring to buy a nice used boat for a fraction of the cost. This year I’ve fished out of several new bass boats and really can’t tell the difference in a boat that was made five years ago than the ones made today. Aside from the obvious cosmetic differences, I can’t seem to justify paying that much for a boat. Surprisingly, new boat sales continue to boom. I recently inquired about a new bass boat. If I decided to purchase it, it would have taken months before the boat would be available. I’m actually glad that was the case, because it gave me time to really think about my options, and fall back in love with the boat that I already have.


The Delta:

Bass fishing continues to be hit or miss for a lot of anglers. Over the weekend there was an excellent top water bite early in the day. As with most full moons though, the bite got tougher for a lot of anglers who stayed to fish on Monday. Bluegills have begun to make their way onto spawning flats and there are sure to be post spawn bass close by. The forecast calls for another warming trend which should cause the bass to seek shaded areas. Schools of carp have made their way onto the flats to spawn. Most of the flooded islands are good areas to find those schools of carp.


New Melones Lake:

There are still a lot of big trout being caught by anglers trolling pink wedding rings between 30 and 55 feet deep. Recently there was a 12-pound trout weighed in. The average size trout being caught is over three pounds currently. Fishing for kokanee has also started to pick up as anglers are catching them while trolling between 40 and 60 feet deep. Bass fishing has been great for those fishing with Senko’s and Zoom Trick worms. In the early morning hours Zara Spooks have been hard to beat. Night fishing for catfish is also starting to pick up, any major cove or creek arm is a good place to try. Anchovies, sardines, or a ball of nightcrawlers are always a deadly combination when fishing for catfish. The crappie and bluegill bite has also started to pick up, some anglers are even reporting catching limits of crappie when fishing tight to structure while using live minnows.


Lake Don Pedro:

There is a good trout bite on the lake right now for anglers that are trolling their favorite shad-imitating spoons between 30 and 50 feet deep. Most anglers are reporting having luck while trolling around Jenkins Hill. Bass fishing is consistent for anglers fishing a variety of baits. There are still a lot of fish up shallow that are willing to bite a topwater bait early in the morning and bottom baits fished as deep as 30 feet deep once it warms up.


Lake New Hogan:

Rolling shad or anchovies in the main lake area has been very productive, for stripers five to six pounds. Most fish have been holding between 15 and 25 feet deep. Bass fishing remains good as many fish can still be found shallow. The topwater bite has really started to take off during the morning hours. Some bed fish are still being found in the backs of coves.


Tip of the Week:

I’m as guilty as anyone for throwing away used plastic baits. Over time I’ve learned to start saving them in order to melt them down for further use. There are many tackle making websites online where one can learn how to reproduce his or her favorite plastic baits or even invent their own. Melting down used plastics is a great money saving tip. A favorite tackle making website of mine is