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Sweatshirts And Sunshine
Mommy Musings
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Teresa Hammond

Pardon me for picking a pretty trivial topic, but … I’m really loving this weather.

Okay, truth be told, I’m internally struggling a bit. I love pool time on a warm day or a trip down the river in a kayak to cool off and take in some nature.

I also really love sitting around a firepit at night, cuddled into a sweatshirt with good company. Oh and the joys of keeping the house cool with fresh air, makes me a happy girl.

But, I’ve got to say this weather change really caught me by surprise. Now granted, the weather experts (aka educated guessers) have assured us a few times another warm front is coming. If it does indeed, you’ll find me in the pool but for now my swim suit is tucked safely away.

This year, it almost feels as if Mother Nature read the calendar and delivered early fall weather just as summer ended. This also happens to be one of the best times to visit San Francisco for some sunny weather, for those who aren’t familiar.

Granted that’s not an enticing share for everyone, but for those who want to feel the warmth of the sun amidst a breath taking view and maybe escape some almond dust – that would be the place.

My duo and I recently made a day trip to the City, accompanied by one of their friends to take in some sights and breathe in some salt air.

When they were younger it was a trip we made quite frequently as there seemed to be so much for them to see and discover at such a young age. This time around however, I found myself a bit puzzled as we set out our plans the day before.

I mean they’re 12 and 15, what would they be interested in now? Too old for the parks, the beach, the aquarium or exploratorium? Wrong, mom.

As I posed the question they each offered a similar response, everything is cool in the City.

Feeling the need for sand in my toes and sun on my skin, we began at Crissy Field Community Beach. This is always a fun stop, as it holds a lot of childhood memories for this SF native. I always find myself steeped in gratitude as I watch my children walk the beach just as I did as a kid.

I’m also always quick to remind them how lucky we are to have this jewel of a city just a day trip away. On this particular day, I actually took a moment to take a 360 view and take it all in. Seated on a beautiful beach, the Golden Gate bridge to my left, a beautiful ocean in front of me and off to the distant right clear as could be a city skyline – breathtaking.

As I took in their silhouettes against the back drop, I felt equally grateful to be able to raise them in a community surrounded by a different type of beauty. Grateful more so for the coming of fall and the beauty that brings, not to mention the fun and follies.

So what’s the point of all of this really? This rambling of randomness and temperature change? In short, it’s really quite simple, living in the moments, taking in the air and acknowledging such simple things which bring you joy are sometimes (more than not) exactly what the doctor ordered.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.