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The Death Of A Business
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(Editor’s note: This is an addendum to the Panelli family letter regarding Oakdale Pet Station)

From The Staff,

Kim and I loved helping each and every one of you. We took great pride not only in our customers, but in our store. We are very saddened by the news.

To Ron, Angie and the late Augie Panelli, Kim and I just want to thank you for eight years of fun but most important to let you know we have become family. You have been the best bosses ever.

We Love You,
Stacey and Kim

Dear Editor,

It’s a sad time, after 26 years the life of a store called Oakdale Pet Station has come to an end. You say to yourself, the life of a business? Yes, not only was Oakdale Pet Station a business, it was a life.

The body of this business was quality supplies, the blood was the customers who cared, and the heart was the staff over all those years who gave their best to serve Oakdale and the Panelli family, giving back to the ones they love.

This was not just another business; this business had taken in your pets’ needs and gave education to residents of this area. People have come with their children and then with their grandchildren. It was fun when I would go somewhere and I would hear, “hey it’s the pet store guy.” It brought great pleasure to hear even once on vacation in Disneyland 400 miles away from Oakdale. Also, when times were good our race car sponsored by Oakdale Pet Station and people would see the car, honk their horns and wave while driving all over California. The other thing that made Oakdale Pet Station alive was the customers who we got to feel were like family, being invited to their home and them to mine, as well as the charities that we supported with the help of our customers over the years, giving close to a quarter of a million dollars to MDA, St. Jude, Breast Cancer Awareness, Oakdale Animal Rescue, Oakdale Pet Alliance and the Dog Park.

All of us at Oakdale Pet Station are sorry and by closing we feel like we let our friends down. I have done everything I can including getting a job to keep our doors open, but since the last four-plus years we have not made a profit with the store and with the loss of my job we have decided to close.

We apologize that we could not get through these hard times but we wish to thank all those who made my life and Oakdale Pet Station a part of their lives.

Thank You,
The Panelli Family and Staf