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Local Physician Facing Medical Board Allegations
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Dr. Mark Cook, a general practitioner employed by Oakdale Family Medicine, is facing serious allegations that he molested his 7-year-old stepdaughter and prescribed dangerous combinations and dosages of opiates and psychotropic drugs, according to court documents.

Oakdale Police detectives investigated the initial allegations made in 2017 by Cook’s then-estranged wife and submitted the case to the District Attorney’s office but the DA’s office failed to prosecute, citing a lack of “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

In light of renewed interest in the case by the Medical Board of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Cook is facing the potential loss of his medical license if found guilty but still, no criminal charges.

The state Medical Board submitted a 27-page investigative document to the courts, detailing the allegations that include the sodomy of the young girl among other lewd and lascivious acts.

John Goold, Stanislaus County Deputy District Attorney/Public Information Liaison said, “In this case, we reviewed the facts as outlined in police reports and other agency reports before coming to our charging decision that we would not be able to prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The DA’s office remains firm in their decision not to pursue criminal charges in this case.

The allegations against Cook sent a shockwave through the community as Cook has practiced medicine for many years in the local area, dividing opinions on his guilt or innocence.

Cook has spent years volunteering with Doctors Without Borders, inspiring the creation of his own nonprofit organization, International Medicine Group.

According to court documents released by the Medical Board of California earlier this month, Cook is accused of sexual exploitation and sexual misconduct in addition to gross negligence and repeated negligent acts related to the drugs he prescribed his then-wife and stepdaughter without proper diagnoses or monitoring. The documents also state Cook provided false statements during the investigations that were contradicted by other medical professionals.

If found guilty, Cook faces penalties that range from losing his medical license to getting a public letter of reprimand.

The Medical Board has the option to adopt, reduce or increase any penalties proposed by the judge. Decisions made by the Medical Board can be appealed all the way up to the California Supreme Court.