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Victims Not Cooperative In Home Invasion


With police attempting to combat crime and gang activity, Oakdale Police have become hamstrung in their latest attempts to solve a Dec. 11 home invasion.

Around 8:40 p.m., Oakdale Police were alerted to a report of three suspects wearing Halloween masks and armed with guns that had forced their way into a residence on the 100 block of West H Street.

According to the victim and others in the residence, the suspects demanded cash and told the resident to “give me all the dope.”

When the resident stated there were no drugs in the residence, one of the suspects struck the victim in the head several times with a gun.

Police stated the suspects stole cash, electronic items from the victims and medicinal marijuana from another victim.

During their investigation, police developed leads to a possible suspect and that the incident was gang related. When investigators re-contacted the victims, they declined to cooperate, stating they feared retaliation.

“The victim is not willing to provide any information regarding the suspects or any additional material to help the case,” said Oakdale Police Chief Lester Jenkins. “It’s very frustrating.”

Police still have leads to go on despite the victim’s reluctance.

Jenkins has said he plans to combat gang and narcotic activity with the recent addition of officers to the department and newly hired officers recently completing training.

At the Dec. 15 city council meeting, Jenkins had stated that enforcement wasn’t performed due to money, but not having available personnel due to reductions and injuries.

Anyone with information regarding this incident should contact the Oakdale Police Department at (209) 847-2231.