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Stanislaus County Appoints Behavioral Health Director
Stan County

The Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors appointed Richard DeGette as the new Behavioral Health Director on Tuesday, July 19. Mr. DeGette will succeed current Director, Madelyn Schlaepfer, who is retiring after 24 years of dedicated service to the community.

The recruitment for a new Behavioral Health Director initially drew over 60 applicants from throughout the nation, with a subsequent interview process that included key community members, partners and stakeholders.

DeGette has over 25 years of experience in Behavioral Health, working with Children, Youth, Adults and Older Adults from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. He has worked closely with the California Department of Mental Health, assisting over 20 California counties in their respective efforts to develop supported educational and human services programs. Additionally, DeGette brings experience in Behavioral Health Public Policy implementation, Program Development, Community Development and Team Building experience.

Most recently DeGette has worked for Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services as the Director of Vocational Services. DeGette’s start date as the new Behavioral Health Director for Stanislaus County is Sept. 6.