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Oakdale Prepares To Take Another Summer Plunge

The City of Oakdale is looking forward to another great pool season at the Royse Memorial Community Pool (AKA-The Plunge). They also look forward to breaking in the brand-new solar panels that were just recently installed above the pool equipment, saving energy and reducing electricity costs.

In preparing for the pool season, they are still in the search for some motivated Lifeguards.

“This would be a great opportunity for high school students looking for some rewarding part time seasonal employment,” said Patrick Mondragon, City of Oakdale HR.

Applicants can be as young as 15½ years of age, provided they have a work permit. The City of Oakdale will be offering the Red Cross Lifeguard Certification and Title 22 Certification during a weekend in May. The cost will be $225, which is significantly lower than what applicants would pay if they got the training elsewhere.

“We had such an enjoyable and safe pool season last year,” said Jane Finkenbine, City of Oakdale Recreation Services Coordinator. “Our Lifeguards had a blast and they all came together to do an amazing job. More than anything though, they kept everyone safe in the water, which is by far the most important job of a Lifeguard.”

In addition to the regular pool hour Lifeguard duties, the City Lifeguards will also be in charge of teaching swimming lessons during the pool season, which will run from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend.

For first time Lifeguards, Oral Interviews will be held by the City Staff. If anyone is interested, they can log on to the City of Oakdale website at and click on the Job Opportunities tab. There they can view the Job Flyer and Job Description and can also download an Application. Applicants need not have the training before applying. This will be coordinated once applications are submitted and interviews are held. Anyone with questions can also Mondragon at (209) 845-3595 or email