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Art Students Raise Money Decorating Trees
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Oakdale High School art club students from left, seniors Shelby Campbell, Sara Bennett, Laurie Baxter, and Kenny Batten put the finishing touches on a Christmas tree belonging to Oakdale residents Hal and Chrys Copp. The students are raising money for a trip to the Museum of Modern Art by decorating the trees. - photo by Dawn M. Henley/The Leader

To earn money to pay for an art field trip to San Francisco, National Art Honor Society students at Oakdale High School have found a way to apply their talents and offer community members a convenient way to complete their holiday home decorations.

The students are decorating Christmas trees for $100. They use the decorations that people already own and help local residents save time and a few hassles by climbing on the ladders, untangling the lights, and hanging the ornaments.

“Since we’re in the art club and most of us are in art classes, we have more of an artistic view of trees,” said OHS senior Shelby Campbell.

At the high school, the students refer to the National Art Honor Society by a simpler name, “art club.”

“The money we are making goes to the National Art Honor Society for our field trip in the spring, (when) we will go to the Museum of Modern Art,” said OHS art teacher Nancy Kern.

At some houses, the art club members have decorated multiple trees. At one home recently, they completed a large tree in about three hours. Whether the tree owner is looking for a fun theme or something with a more elegant flair, the students have done both.

“The kids love it. They love doing stuff like this. It’s fun for them,” Kern said.

The students said that after decorating the first couple of trees, they learned a few tricks for the best way to deal with and put on the strings of lights.

For OHS junior Méche Brown and senior Laurie Baxter, doing this tree-decorating project has put the “fun” in fundraiser.

“It was fun getting in the Christmas spirit,” added senior and fellow club member Sara Bennett.

For local residents or businesses that haven’t yet finished their holiday décor and are interested in having their Christmas trees decorated by the OHS art club students, contact Kern at (209) 380-0639.