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Whirlwind Two Weeks
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Dear Editor,

Overwhelmed, blessed, thankful, excited, tired and HAPPY … all words describing how we are feeling after the last two weeks of moving The Empty Nest; cleaning, painting, organizing, climbing ladders, climbing stairs, pricing items, and putting our finishing touches on everything at our new shop = priceless!

We could not have made this happen in 14 days without a lot of help. Thank you to Joe Peterson and David Keller who stepped up and made things happen for us the first day/night we had the keys to the new place and to MaryAnne Heath for her warm neighbor welcome. Sincere thanks to our friends who physically helped us move, Diane and Roger Dickson, Judy Moore, Lisa Peterson, Lisa Ballard, Josie Chavez, Lon Chavez, Jacque Armstrong, David Schmitt, and John Lawrence. We appreciate Rhonda McDonald who came and put her talented paintbrush to our walls, Mary Novotny who touched our front windows with her talented eye and Paula Asbra, from Window to Wall Designs, for her expertise in window coverings and merchandising.

Special thanks to Yvonne Brown, Jeanne Meil, Debi Bertalotto, Amy Galvan, and Jenna Brown, our core group of volunteers for their labor of love in helping us transform piles of boxes into a magical place.

Last, to our husbands, Brent Schmitt and Lee Lawrence, for putting up with us during this process and always checking in to see what was new on their “list” of things to do, we love you and couldn’t do this without your support.

We are truly blessed and are so excited to begin the next chapter in our story. Thank you to our customers that have supported us and welcome to those new customers yet to come.

Gwen Schmitt & Jeannette Lawrence

The Empty Nest