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Vote No On O
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Dear Editor,
The new Oakdale City Council should focus on bringing in businesses and creating jobs instead of trying to scare people into voting for a sales tax increase. They dropped the ball by losing 1000 Blue Diamond jobs to Turlock. Due to non disclosure agreements not many people knew Oakdale was the front runner in landing those 1000 jobs. We were a full year ahead of Turlock. Blue Diamond was already here, zoning was in place south of Sconza, landowners were on board, infrastructure was there, and the funding sources were identified. But, all the distractions, turmoil, and what I feel was a lack of leadership the last 11 months allowed Turlock to catch up. Turlock’s City Council demonstrated the leadership, unity, and won. 1000 lost jobs are the equivalent of two Hershey Plants or another Con Agra Plant. That would have set Oakdale’s future and sales tax base for years to come. The lack of leadership and follow through from this new council has cost the residents of Oakdale dearly. The result is the loss of 1000 jobs. Hold this new city council accountable, require them to spend within their means, and to focus on job creation opportunities. No on O!
Farrell Jackson