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Tough Decisions
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Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the Mayor Jackson and every council member for their hard work in making tough decisions during this financially trying time.

While unpopular, their efforts to hold the line on maintaining a reserve for the City have proven to be a financially responsible decision. The recent stalling of our national recovery, and even talk about a “double-dip” recession, clearly demonstrates the need to be prepared to weather another one or more down years. It will take the City coffers longer to recover than our individual situations once the recovery really takes hold; so we need to continue to be financially prudent.

As to the many outspoken critics of the City’s leadership, it is your right and even responsibility to speak out. But, in the end, it is clear from looking around at nearly EVERY city around us that we are not alone. Every city council is having to make tough decisions.

A special ‘thank you’ to our City employees who continue to perform their duties under these difficult times — and with a positive attitude as well.

You have our thanks.

Mike Hancock