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To The Rescue
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Dear Editor,
From 2001 through the Spring of 2011, our Boy Scout troop, Troop 47 of Oakdale, in conjunction with Oakdale City’s Public Works Department, has been responsible for the annual refurbishing of the war memorial at Fish Park. It has been a decade of pride and a dedicated labor of love by our scouts, leaders and parents, who have put in hours of work to maintain one of our city’s more prominent displays of patriotism and military honor.
It has been an appropriate involvement by the Boy Scouts, whose motto, among other worthwhile activities, is loyalty, love of country and community. The scouts took pride in remembering the fallen soldiers of our military in the various wars in US history. Saluting the flag each evening prior to participating in the yearly clean up seemed a singularly significant act for boy scouts.
But, it was ultimately the dreaded nut grass that did in the project. Beyond the scope of the scout troop and, even, Public Works personnel, due to the extraordinary cost to control it, the weed won out in these poor economic times.
All hail to the Oakdale Community Garden Club! Thank you for coming to the rescue. The memorial looks wonderful now. The professional touch is surely evident in the current landscaping effort by the OCGC. It is beautiful and deservedly worthy of the site. Patrons who pass by the patriotic display today cannot help but admire the fine work applied. Thank you to those who spearheaded this effort.
The many boys who have worked on the memorial over the last ten years can take pride in knowing that their legacy is now in good hands. Thank you scouts, leaders and parents for your past involvement. Troop 47, your commitment to the community and to our military is much appreciated.
Eron Grisham,
Committee Chairman
Troop 47, Oakdale