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Supporting VanWinkle
Letter To The Editor
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Dear Editor,

I am writing to show my support, along with seven other Mayors in our county, for Michael VanWinkle for Board of Supervisors District 1. Michael knows the struggles that cities of our size face and is willing to work with us instead of against us. I believe that with future hard decisions facing the county, Mike will represent us well. The cities in our county are looking to renegotiate with the county on the property tax sharing agreement. Michael will stand up for and support our cities. He has done an amazing job being the Mayor of Waterford. As Mayor, the city of Waterford has a balanced budget and has one of the best reserve revenue accounts in the county. He has been on many different committees from LAFCO to StanCog. Michael is the most qualified candidate on the ballot. Please join me in voting Michael VanWinkle for Board of Supervisors District 1. Thank you.

J.R. McCarty

Mayor, City of Oakdale