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Dear Editor,

The Association of California Health Care Districts represents the more than 60 Health Care Districts of California before the California legislature. In this work, Oak Valley Hospital District has become one of the bell-weather Districts we analyze in assessing the effects of legislative change. Of real significance to our analysis, Oak Valley Hospital moves quickly to implement the beneficial opportunities provided in new legislation. This quality in senior management is a big deal. Quick response to new legislative opportunities is an essential characteristic of every effectively managed District Hospital in California.

At a policy level, the elected members of the Board of Directors of Oak Valley Hospital oversee the operation of a complex and challenging business. The oversight of District Hospitals by locally elected Directors is of great value to the community, but it creates special challenges for every person elected. The public responsibilities and workload are significant. Virtually every newly elected Director is a bit taken aback by the work expectations.

Oak Valley Hospital presently employs more than 500 people.  Like all District Hospitals, Oak Valley Hospital is almost entirely funded by its own hard work and enterprise. Like every business in a competitive environment, the Hospital must provide real value for the income it earns. Only a small percentage of the revenues of Oak Valley Hospital are derived from local property taxes.

Ten members of the board of directors of the Association of California Healthcare Districts are selected from the more than 300 elected Directors of the Health Care District in California. Over the years, the elected Directors and senior managers of Oak Valley Hospital District have frequently served in the Association’s governance and legislative committees. Mr. Robert Wikoff currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Association. Mr. Wikoff also currently serves on the Board of Directors of Oak Valley Hospital.

Respectfully submitted,

Ralph Ferguson

Chief Executive Officer