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Setting The Record Straight
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Dear Editor,
In response to Evelyn Shatswell Herling’s letter to the editor (June 3 edition) titled “Concerns Regarding Cemetery” and directed to the Mayor. The letter mistakenly blamed the City and the City Council for the maintenance of the Oakdale Citizen’s Cemetery. The City doesn’t have any authority over the Citizen’s Cemetery or its Board of Directors. They are not affiliated with the City. The Cemetery is independently operated and regulated by the State of California. The moment I received Mrs. Herling’s email, which is the same letter submitted to the editor, I responded with the proper information in order to help remedy her concerns. I also explained the City’s and the Citizen’s Cemetery’s relationship and responsibilities. Here is Mrs. Herling’s email reply:
‘Farrell Jackson
Mayor of Oakdale
Thank you for your prompt response regarding my concern for the Citizens Cemetery. I acknowledge the two Cemetery’s are private organizations. Would you be so kind as to inform me of the organization and board members names for the Citizens Cemetery so I may contact them. The only information I have is the names Philip Frymire and Antoinette Ryun, both are listed as Cemetery Manager licensees in the State of California. It did not state for which cemetery nor list addresses. I will copy my writings to you so you can keep abreast of the happenings.
Evelyn Shatswell Herling’
I replied back with additional information for Mrs. Herling. I don’t mind being held responsible for items I have a hand in, which are plenty and that’s the nature of my position, but in this case let’s set the record straight and place the responsibility where it belongs.
Mayor Farrell Jackson