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Pat Paul For Mayor
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Dear Editor,

Faced with a choice between two friends and respected local leaders (whom I hope will always be friends and leaders who have my respect even after the election), I ask you to vote for Pat Paul for Oakdale mayor because
1 – While Mayor Jackson has done a solid and steady well-informed job of working to bring more business and jobs to the city, Paul will bring a more dynamic and larger outreach to promoting new businesses and their jobs while working to help existing businesses grow and flourish.
2 – Pat Paul has had time during the last eight years to become thoroughly acquainted with the city and the strengths and problems of its employees. She has shown strong support for police, fire and public works. Having the concerns of seniors ever-present, she knows she will have to work hard to equal the respect the seniors in our community have for Jackson and the present city administration. She stresses her respect and admiration for the Police Senior Outreach Program (CAPS) and the wonderfully efficient and welcoming existence of our Senior City with its extremely capable manager.
3 – Through her continuing volunteer work in Oakdale in a large number of organizations and through her previous county and statewide services with many groups, Pat has established an insightful working knowledge of issues affecting the city and the entire area. On emerging critical regional issues such as water, transportation, agriculture and air quality, Paul will bring Oakdale strong leadership, resourceful hard work, and contacts with whom to work. Because she is retired she has no conflicting time constraints and will always be ready for city interests as needed.
In short Pat Paul as your next mayor will be your full time team player in the city or with outsiders but always for the city!

Pat Graham