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Lets Celebrate Art
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Dear Editor,

Regarding the correction (Jan. 19 issue) “Not the First” (Art Club), you need not apologize. You go artists! As long as art in Oakdale is making the front page, let’s all celebrate. We are ahead of most surrounding communities thanks to writer Kim Van Meter.

The arts have been around Oakdale for a long time. Alice Bonsack, Katherine Barksdale and Nona Hubble started their own art studio around 1957 in the Hubble Building, current homes of Cottonwood Cafe and Most Wanted Wine Co. They participated in an annual art show in the “Artnic Alley” next to what is now Alexandra’s. This group taught and pushed art to Oakdale and the surrounding communities for years. They had annual entries in the Oakdale Parade and were competitive in the “Oakdale Creative Store Front” window display competitions.

Debi Bonsack has been doing art in Oakdale since 1961. Debi ran Bonhoff Gallery in the ‘90s, in the old railroad depot, now home of “Spur of the Moment.” She shows in many art exhibits around the United States, aside from running Bonsack Gallery/Art School and teaching high school art. She is offering anyone who wants to do art and learn about art, to come and have fun. Debi is doing this free to the public. She chooses to share her hard earned success by offering a facility to anyone interested.

Bonsack Gallery is not running the club as may have been misunderstood. The Oakdale community has been asking for a space and Debi is offering that space to host the meetings of the First Knights Ferry/Oakdale art club. Come one come all, all are welcome Friday, February 4, at 6:00 p.m. to discuss and plan upcoming events and elect officers. If you have questions go to:

Brad Keith