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In Camps Camp
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Dear Editor,

I would personally like to thank everyone who has assisted my husband in his campaign for City Council. So many of you gave time walking neighborhoods, passing out flyers, posting signs and talking to residents on Bill’s behalf. Let’s not forget the City Council meetings that took up so much of our time and energy as well. I have known Bill for 25 years and can assure all of you he is an honest and caring man.

While he was General Manager and Publisher of the Oakdale Leader it was his job to know what was going on with our community and he did so with zest. Old habits are hard to break and he has continued to do so. I believe it is for that reason he chose to run for Council.

Bill has stayed very interested in what has been happening to Oakdale not only because he loves our city but because it is where our home is. He has put many years into this town and it is both heartbreaking and disappointing to see something you care so much about be destroyed when there are other options. It is a very sad day when our leaders want to talk about the by-pass, which actually first appears in 1950 editions of the Leader, while giving top dollar pay to themselves and leaving Oakdale in such dire need of more protection. What good is anything we have if the possibility of losing it becomes greater all the time? Most importantly, how can we as the citizens of this town keep a mayor and council who would stand up for a police chief who literally announced that our police department is no longer proactive, they are reactive only. How safe does that make you feel? Again, I would like to thank everyone who has stood with Bill.

Now it’s time to get those votes mailed out if you’re voting absentee.

I have and I cannot even begin to tell you how good it felt to drop that ballot in the mail! Thank you everyone and bless you and your families.

I know what a caring and giving town this is and how its citizens have come to help those in need. It is now all of us who are in need.

Vote for my husband, Bill Camp.


Susan G. Camp